mercredi 5 février 2003 par François Hirsch

Pour continuer dans le bouillonnement actuel de la vidéo sur MacOsX.
Vu ce matin sur VersionTracker :
forty-two 1.0.2 - Convert DVDs to other formats : DivX, VCD, SVCD, DVD

Extrait du read-me :
forty-two is user supported Donationware, if you’d like to contribute, please click the donation link. forty-two is a system, comprised of the GUI, the dvdmp and dvdvx engines and certain *nix tools used for video compression and conversion. It is designed to be a simple, hassle-free tool for converting NTSC DVDs to other formats, such as DiVX, SVCD or VCD.

What makes forty-two different is that it is driven by logic ; it determines proper encoding framerates, cropping etc and produces in-sync, set and forget results for all dvd types it supports. forty-two doesn’t just pass switches to Open Source tools. It uses different methodologies from current make tools to insure that in sync conversions *can* be done, based on the content..

forty-two will convert DVDs with ac3 audio to VCD, SVCD, DVD or DiVX AVI, including user rates. If your DVD is PCM only or DTS only, you can only convert it to DiVX AVI with forty-two at this time.

Please note that forty-two does not claim to work with every DVD out there.

Plus de détails sur le site de l’auteur :

A noter : ne fait pas encore du PAL, uniquement NTSC ...


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