MPlayer OS X 2 beta 2

mardi 15 avril 2003 par Thiery

Une nouvelle béta de MPlayer est sortie le 10-04-2003.

Un petit fichier de 3,1Mo.

A télécharger en direct en suivant ce lien.

Je vous laisse découvrir les nouveautés :

Notes : I was too lazy to make the disk image. The sit file contains only application other files are on the beta 1 disk image.

Note for localizators : There are two new strings in the "Localizable.strings" file. They are : "Font :" and "none". Add them to your localizations please.

Changes :
- The wide-screen aspect should be fixed now, but I didn’t test it (thanks to Devros). Please report me how it works.
- Fixed problem when setting video to fit screen when the video have lower aspect ratio then monitor.
- Added font menu and support for adding fonts (Fonts folder inside app bundle Resources). The mplayer supports only PC TrueType fonts and the old "font.desc" fonts (should be enclosed in a folder).
- The size of subtitles were slightly decreased.
- The full-screen progress bar is back.


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