FFmpegX en version... M

vendredi 2 mai 2003 par Thiery

Décidément, les mises à jours de ce soft par Major deviennent une habitude presque quotidienne.

Comme d’hab sur le site de l’auteur pour la dernière version.

http://homepage.mac.com/major4 c’est la 0.0.6m

Les nouveautés, Fred Mic en parlait récemment sur le forum.

- Added selection of image scaling algorithm in the Options tab (for mencoder DivX and XviD encoding). Choose the default "fast-bilinear" when speed is important. For better image quality but slower encoding, you can choose aither Bicubic (best for upscaling), Bilinear (best for downscaling), Lanczos, or Bicubic spline (sharp picture).
- mencoder XviD and DivX engines are now able to correctly encode audio from Quicktime movies in DV format. You should add a ".dv" extension to source filenames for proper handling.

Concernant les binary, Major indique ce-ci :
Note on mencoder and mplayer binary versions

- Please note that the stablest mencoder binary version are the ones of Jan 28, 2003 and Feb 26, 2003 (Feb 26 preferred). Other versions will segfault or not work 100%. The May 1 binary has new syntax for DVD input, but we’re not supporting it now as it has also some bugs & apparent issues so we’ll wait for a stable and tested build.
- The mplayer binary can be the Mar 16, 2003 version or any other not older than Jan 28, 2003, excluding the May 1, 2003 version which should be avoided as it has an issue preventing keyboard input when it is run inside another shell process (so disabling all keyboard shortcuts).
- You can check for all available versions of binaries at http://prdownloads.sf.net/mplayerosx/. In most cases you will need to download the Mplayer or Mencoder applications and find the binaries inside the application package (option-click the application icon, select ’Open package’ and then open the Contents/Resources folder).


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