FFmpegX 0.0.7c

mercredi 18 juin 2003 par Thiery

Décidément, Major est reparti dans la valse des mises à jours de son fabuleux programme.

Le passage en shareware le motive certainemment plus qu’avant.

Enfin qu’apporte donc cette nouvelle mouture, et bien lisez tout ça et vous saurez.

Bien entendu, cette version est localisée in french. Que du bonheur.

What’s new :

June 18, 2003 - ffmpegX 0.0.7c released. What’s new in 0.0.7c :

Added new auto-colorize feature of video bitrate value.

When using the bitrate calculator, or entering a value in the video bitrate field, ffmpegX will check automatically if the value is in a ’safe’ quality range depending on current image size and framerate, and colorize the value accordingly :
- red=the bitrate is too low for the selected image size, if you use it you’ll be compressing your movie too much and the quality will not be acceptable with the current image size (consider choosing another bitrate, or use a smaller size) ;
- green=this bitrate is quite good, if you choose it you’ll obtain good quality for the current image size ;
- blue=this bitrate is too high, if you choose it you will not improve quality comparing to "green" values and you’ll be wasting space on your disks (consider choosing another bitrate, or use a larger image size, though not larger than the source image size).

Changed black color code to blue on 3-pass encoding window, according to above feature.

Default values for mpeg-4 encoding now set to NTSC FILM and 2.35:1 aspect ratio (supposing you will use cropping).

Engines installer points to a new, stablest version for the mplayer binary (mencoder and mpeg2enc unchanged).


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