DivX 5.0.6 béta

vendredi 23 mai 2003 par Thiery

A peine la version DivX 5.0.5 sortie, qu’i y a déjà la version 5.0.6 béta.

Comme d’habitude, tous les renseignement sont sur


Donc nous retrouvons les versions basiques et pro.
Au programme des nouveautés :

DivX® 5.0.6 for Mac (Released 2003-05-22)

Changes from 5.0.5
- Implemented DivX AVI Importer feature
- Addition of an option to set the frames per second of the encoding AVI file.
- Fixed problem with encoding from DV audio.
- Fixed problem with encoding from VBR audio (such as AAC).
- Fixed disappearing AVI bug which occasionally occurred with the video pass-through feature.
- Fixed bug in the DivX AVI exporter that produced movies which didn’t play correctly in vlc.
- Activated smooth-playback decoding option.

Known Issues
The inability to use the DivX AVI exporter with movies that have layers, sprites, filters, etc. Expect this ability to be in the 5.0.6 final release.


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